BENZON SYMPOSIUM No. 57 Acute Pain – Pathophysiology and Risk Factors for Chronification

October 4-7, 2010 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Organizing committee: Henrik Kehlet (Copenhagen), Troels Staehelin Jensen (Aarhus), Arne Svejgaard (Copenhagen) & Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen (Copenhagen)

Invited speakers and chairmen:AASVANG, Eske Kvanner (Denmark) – BARON, Ralf (Germany) – BASBAUM, Allan (USA) – BRENNAN, Timothy J. (USA) – DICKENSON, Anthony (United Kingdom) – EISENACH, James (USA) – FILLINGIM, Roger (USA) –FINNERUP, Nanna Brix (Denmark) – GEBHART, Gerald F. (USA) – GILRON, Ian (Canada) – HAANPÄÄ, Maija (Finland) – HAYTHORNWAITE, Jennifer A. (USA) – JENSEN, Troels Staehelin (Denmark) – KALSO, Eija Anneli (Finland) – KEHLET, Henrik (Denmark) – KRESS, Michaela (Austria) – MACRAE, William A. (United Kingdom) –MAGERL, Walter (Germany) – MAIXNER, William (USA) – MAYER, Emeran A (USA) – MCMAHON, Stephen (United Kingdom) – OLESEN, Jes (Denmark) – RAJA, Srinivasa (USA) – SALTER, Michael W (Canada) –SCHMELZ, Martin (Germany) – TRACEY, Irene (United Kingdom)

Synopsis: The Benzon Symposia are international conferences on front line research in medical, pharmaceutical, and related sciences funded by the Alfred Benzon Foundation. The idea of the Symposium is to bring together both young and experienced scientists interested in acute pain physiology and treatment and risk factors for transition into a chronic pain state. The 57th Benzon Symposium will provide a very comprehensive approach to the subject based upon updated knowledge on the pathophysiology of acute pain, a thorough discussion on pre-, intra- and post injury risk factors and strategies for prevention and treatment based upon specific lectures within well-defined surgeries and diseases.

The pathogenic mechanisms and treatment strategies for chronic pain states are still largely unknown but may be facilitated by increased knowledge on the transition from acute pain states into a persistent pain state. In this context, elective surgery may represent an ideal model due to the possibility of assessing patients before and after the injury regarding pre-, intra- and postoperative risk factors. The aim of this symposium is to synthesize knowledge from various surgical and non-surgical acute pain states transition into a persistent pain state in order to outline strategies for prevention and treatment.


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