Benzon Symposium No. 62 – Genome Instability and Neurodegeneration

Copenhagen, August 22-25 2016
Organizing committee: Lene Juel Rasmussen (Copenhagen), Ian D. Hickson (Copenhagen), Niels Borregaard (Copenhagen) and Finn Cilius Nielsen (Copenhagen)

The Benzon Symposia are international conferences on front line research in medical, pharmaceutical, and related sciences funded by the Alfred Benzon Foundation.The concept of the 62nd Benzon Symposium is to bring together the world’s leading scientists from two research fields: DNA damage/repair and neuroscience, in order to facilitate collaboration and open up new avenues for research. The intention is to create an intense and interactive environment for both young and experienced scientists. The 62nd Benzon Symposium will highlight recent major advances in our knowledge of how DNA damage and repair affect the developing and mature nervous system, and relate this to strategies for the prevention of neurological disease. A key purpose is to gather together leading scientists within different fields of biology to facilitate the exchange of methodologies and conceptual thinking. The result should improve our understanding of neural homeostasis in healthy and diseased brain, and help to identify potential preventative or therapeutic avenues for alleviating the pathological consequences of neurodegenerative disorders.
The sessions will emphasize both achievements and challenges within these two different research fields, promoting cross-disciplinary approaches and novel concepts.

The Symposium is a full 4-day scientific meeting. The format will be a combination of state-of-the-art lectures by leading experts in the field, selected oral-poster presentations by young scientists, and poster presentations.

The titles of the sessions are:

  • Epidemiology of aging and neurodegeneration
  • The basic biology of DNA damage response and repair in brain
  • Homeostasis in the brain
  • The pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders

The venue will be Hotel Skt. Petri (, beautifully located in the center of Copenhagen for the entire event. All participants will stay at Skt. Petri. Participants are selected primarily on the basis of abstracts submitted online via this website from April 1st 2016. Approved abstracts will be presented as posters and/or oral presentations.

All abstracts should be submitted online via Benzon Foundation site. The submission round will open April 1st and close May 1st 2016. Scientists whose abstracts have been accepted will be notified by the end of May (by e-mail), and they will be able to register and pay participation fee (incl. hotel accomodation Sunday-Thursday, food and social eventes) online with a credit card at this site.

No discount is given to the local scientists.

Attendance will be limited to 150 scientific participants totally.

Confirmed invited speakers:

  1. Barzilai, Nir
  2. Bohr, Vilhelm
  3. Caldecott, Keith
  4. Campisi, Judith
  5. Christensen, Kaare
  6. Deisseroth, Karl
  7. Heintz, Nathaniel
  8. Herrup, Karl
  9. Hickson, Ian D.
  10. Hoeijmakers, Jan
  11. Larsson, Nils-Göran
  12. Lavin, Martin
  13. Mann, Matthias
  14. McKinnon, Peter
  15. McMurray, Cynthia
  16. Nedergaard, Maiken
  17. Nussenzweig, Andre
  18. Rasmussen, Lene Juel
  19. Schumacher, Björn
  20. Shiloh, Yosef
  21. Song, Hongjun
  22. Vijg, Jan
  23. Wang, Zhao-Qi
  24. Wyss-Coray, Tony

Abstracts round  closes May 15th 2016.

Click here to submit an abstract through our online review system.

By the end of May all the applicants will be notified whether their abstracts have been accepted for either oral or poster presentation.

Registration: (provided acceptance of abstract) beginning of June 2016
Fee: DKK 4,500 (covers registration fee, hotel accommodation Sunday-Thursday, meals, and social events)

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen
The organizing committee


Preliminary program

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Practical information

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Further information:
Phone:   +45 3962 0937
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